Our value proposition is based on four simple and pragmatic principles.

Experience and Expertise

WE expect our clients to leverage and engage our expertise as a value added offering at no additional cost because “That is the way we do business”.


No one size fits all and WE don’t shove you into a solution or service we inquire, discovery and position the best flexible choices that meet your service, timeline and cost expectations.

Cost Effectiveness  

Offering a right tool for the right solution to maximize cost efficiency. No matter how often your are proposed a cost solution it tends to creep and then exceed your constraints. WE do our homework and move along the process with you to ensure you stay south of your cost curve.

Engage, Expect, and Execution

L6L has a commitment to not only offer competitive pricing for solutions and services, but our customers/clients should have and expectation WE will execute on the service deliverable’s.